Which Type Of Solid wood Flooring Is Best

Which Type Of Solid wood Flooring Is Best

Since there are several general types of wood flooring, people wonder which is the best. But, there are flooring options of wood flooring for a reason. Flooring needs to meet the needs of each room it is used in and they are not all the same. Using hardwood flooring is a good thing, but some rooms can use solid wood floors and others would be better with engineered wood floors. Then, there are homeowners who can not afford solid wood floors but want the look of wood in their homes. They can use either engineered wood flooring or laminate wood flooring.


Different Types Of Wood Flooring


The different types of wood flooring serve different purposes and price points.


Unfinished solid wood flooring comes in thicker boards of different widths. It is made of solid wood from trees such as ash, walnut, pine, oak, cherry, and others. It is ideal for new construction or renovations where old wood floors need to be patched or replaced. flooring options is installed with nails and is a permanent flooring. It is then sanded, stained, and finished with several layers of finish. Solid wood flooring can be sanded down and refinished several times during its life.


Prefinished solid hardwood flooring is prefinished in many different stain colors. The homeowner chooses the color and wood species from samples. This wood flooring is installed the same as unfinished flooring except that it does not need to be stained and finished. This is ideal for existing homes with families in residence. It takes less time to install and there are no finishing fumes. This floor can also be refinished. Prefinished wood floor comes with tung and groove edges.


Engineered wood flooring. This wood flooring is thinner than solid wood floors. It has tung and groove edges and it usually is made with a backing wood and a thinner layer of real wood glued to that. Because the boards are thinner, they will work in homes where the thicker solid hardwood will not. This engineered wood is very stable and not prone to expanding and shrinking as much. It will not warp or crack. This is a way for existing homes with less clearance for flooring to have real wood floors. Because the top layer of wood is thinner, this floor may or may not be able to be refinished depending on thickness.


Bamboo wood flooring. Bamboo looks and acts like wood but it is really a fast growing grass. Bamboo flooring can be solid, engineered, or as a laminate. It can be stained different colors and finished like solid wood. Bamboo is stronger and more water resistant than wood. It has a distinctive look. This is a very sustainable, earth friendly material.


Wood laminate is made with a photograph of real wood over a base material. Then, it has strong protective coats added. It is easy to install with a click together system but has a shorter life.For more flooring information, go to the website.