Andyt is confident to meet customers with beautiful and unique designs, because we have the most popular HD3X printing technology today. Our shop currently provides services to print uniforms on demand for all genres as well as all subjects such as students, students, workers, companies, events, large and small.


Second, you give information about the style of the shirt that you are planning to order on demand, which can be simple models such as a collared uniform (round neck or heart collar) or a collared T-shirt ( (T-shirts) to the requirements for more complex uniform t-shirts such as miss shirts, raglangs, hoodie, leader shirts, this is very important because it will affect the price of your printed shirt. Firstly, provide your logo or print design including the number and location of the image to be printed on the shirt, and the best you can provide about the design of your printed shirt request. Andy can advise on appropriate shirt printing technology to ensure that the images are printed with the truest colors and especially are durable without peeling during use. To get the most accurate uniform t-shirt price list, you need to understand the needs of sewing t-shirts and the purpose for which Andy chooses the solution of printing uniform t-shirts. The most appropriate factor about your budget, time of use, aesthetic requirements.

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Through a few sources of information I have, perhaps the most impressive for me is this article, thanks to which I know the uniforms have many interesting things like this, or which shirts will be the trend in the garment industry. 2019 will be coming soon. With more than 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing uniforms for companies, businesses, classrooms ... Andy Uniform will bring you beautiful and impressive T-shirt printing models with modern printing technology. T-shirts of restaurant uniforms today are gradually appearing more and more in restaurants, restaurants, and coffee shops with a lot of diverse designs and impressive styles.


This is a beautiful uniform shirt for your latest class at Andy and is receiving positive feedback from many young people. With many years of experience in making uniforms in general and tailoring T-shirts in particular, Andy is proud to be a pioneer in this field, promising to bring customers the most satisfaction.

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