The Latest Trend in Anti-Aging Treatments

The Latest Trend in Anti-Aging Treatments

Botox and facial injections are constantly evolving as technology advances and demands increase. People are drawn to these minimally-invasive anti-aging treatments because the benefits over plastic surgery are overwhelming. Costs, risks, and any downtime is drastically reduced making treatments convenient and affordable. Choices have gone from a few brands and injection products to over twenty in less than a decade.




The most common side effects with injections in general is the chance of allergic reactions. These can range from mild irritation at the injection site to permanent nerve damage or paralysis. The main ingredient in the majority of fillers is hyaluronic acid that attracts and binds water molecules to add volume to the skin. This minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and lines.


Newer products, such as Radiesse, utilizes a calcium-based filler suspended in a water-based gel. There is less risk of reaction and it can be used for total face contouring. Kybella breaks fat cells into small particles that are disposed of by the natural process of the immune system. This is ideal for fat deposits under the chin and in the jowls. Once fat cells are destroyed they do not regenerate.


The Vampire Facelift


This procedure is the latest trend in the industry and is gaining popularity quickly. It takes about one-hour and virtually eliminates allergic reactions. elizabeth james is the case because the Vampire Facelift uses blood taken from the patient. The blood is drawn and placed in a machine that spins it to separate out the platelets.


The platelets are then treated and injected into the skin. This not only adds volume it also stimulates the growth of collagen and new tissue. The regenerative property of the cells works with the body to provide younger looking and radiant skin. This process adds to the length of time the treatment lasts. Results can last as twenty-four months in some patients, depending on circumstances and physical factors.


A Consultation


The first step for any anti-aging treatments is a consultation with a licensed professional. A medical history is taken, desired outcomes are discussed, and recommendations are provided. mac products online is also the time to discover pricing, what to expect during and after injections, and approximately how many treatments are needed to achieve optimum results.


Take macys plus size dresses to research practices and facilities in the area that offer facial injections. Seek experience and read reviews from previous patients. Bring a list of questions to the consultation and take notes because it is imperative you understand all the risks and costs associated with treatments.