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Next, extend your visit to the adjacent Feilai Peak, also payday loans online known as Peak Flying from Afar, which flew to Payday loans no credit check to spread Buddhism from India according to the legend. It features in uncountable Buddhist carvings lining the riverbanks and hillsides and tucked away inside grottoes.

This street is also a great place to take a leisure stroll to appreciate ornate Chinese architectures and experience local custom. Extend your food adventure to the Imperial Thoroughfare of Southern Song Dynasty which is also full of local delicious foods. After breakfast, you will drive about 20 minutes to payday loans online Six Harmonies Pagoda to see the masterpieces of ancient Chinese architecture. Climbing onto the top, you could have a spectacular view of Qiantang River and surrounding hills.

Leave Six Harmonies Pagoda, and go to take an interesting visit to China Hangzhou Cuisine Museum which was established to preserve traditional cooking heritage and inspire yong generation to cook dishes, also represents the uniqueness of Hangzhou Cuisine to the entire world. Here in the museum, you will see hundreds of life-sized models of appealing food, including Buddhist vegetarian dishes, snacks eaten by canal-dwellers in the Middle Ages, and the delicate sweet pastries made in Hangzhou during the Song Dynasty, 800 years ago.

The museum also run cooking classes for local people, street food fairs and special days for children to learn how to make tofu, cure ducks and pickle vegetables. Don't panic, because just beyond the galleries there's a huge restaurant serving many of the classic dishes from the exhibition. After the tour, be escorted to the train station for your high speed train back to Shanghai (about 1 hour).

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