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A puzzle raised after brief observations by the Mariner 10 spacecraft was the nature of apparent bursts of energetic particles. Payday loans of instrument limitations, neither the identity of these particles-ions or electrons-nor their energy was known.

Only after the MESSENGER spacecraft entered orbit about Mercury was the initial part of this puzzle solved. The energetic particles are electrons, not ions, and they have energies from several thousands of electron volts to 100 times that energy. Electrons with energies in excess of 1000 electron volts (1 keV) can produce X-rays by hitting parts of the spacecraft or instruments.

Payday loans electrons are seen at all local times (the Sun is at local noon) and within a planetary diameter of the center of Mercury, although more tend to be located near dawn. The sources and loss process for these energetic electrons remain under study. Magnetic field observations by the MESSENGER spacecraft in orbit about Mercury revealed flow of electric current from the magnetosphere to low altitudes along magnetic field lines.

These field-aligned, or Birkeland, currents flow downward (blue) at dawn and upward (red) at dusk and have magnitudes 100 times smaller than at Earth. Models for the electrical conductivity of the planet suggest payday loans that the currents flow radially through the low-conductivity layers near the surface and laterally from dawn to dusk through more conductive material at depth. When MESSENGER was designed, the challenging thermal environment near Mercury was among the chief concerns.

The latter need was because the gravitational pull of the Sun caused a drift of the periapsis with succeeding orbits. On 6 April 2015, MESSENGER exhausted the last of its liquid hydrazine while executing a maneuver to help delay surface impact. This gas can be expelled out of the same thrusters that formerly combusted liquid rocket fuel for propulsion. With careful planning, this helium gas is expected to add several weeks to the life of the mission.

MESSENGER is the first payday loans spacecraft to rely on the onboard pressurant to extend mission life.