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Useful Source

Celebrities could be used to introduce a brand that is new break out the cycle of product sales stagnancy that had hitherto held the product bound, and dispel nose diving product sales rumors being peddled by rivals. The application of celebrities sometimes features a effect that is devastating product sales where in fact the celebrity endorses one brand name and is seen using the competitor's, or suffers a significant set back in his/her profession. Whether the single purpose of making use of Nigerian superstars in ads to market the companies brands, by having a view to reaching the prior set projected product sales revenue and even surpassing same has been gained, lies coded in the mysterious sales card that your businesses have actually held securely within their fingers abiding doggedly by the concept of "for the eyes only".

Tourists have already been proven to see sites that are certain in films and have gone visiting the locations such internet sites in which the scenes had been shot eg the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Disney Land, Tajmahal, Giza pyramids, the fantastic Wall of China and others. The Alnwick castle, Northumberland, film location for Harry potter witnessed an increase that is astronomical site visitors ever since it became the movie environment for Hogwarts.

Nollywood filmmakers to say the least have not capitalized with this aspect. Filming locations are majorly people's houses, a few eateries, clothes and accessories shops. Shots at beaches failed to capture the beauty and essence of nature synonymous with such spots. In specific, two movies have shot scenes catching the beauty of waterfalls which created the much tourism effect that is desired.

AMBO's "White Waters" (directed by Izu Ojukwu and starring Joke Silva, Rita Dominic and O.C. Ukeje) captured the "Farin Ruwa water falls" in Nassarawa state. Kunle Afolayan's "The Figurine, araromire" captured the "Erin Ijesha water falls" in Osun state. Both water falls boosted the content that is cinematographic both movies carted away awards at respective AMAA occasions.

Nollywood producers should benefit from various tourism spots to shoot their films for instance the Obudu cattle ranch, Olumo stone, the Yankari National park, Shere hills, Ikogosi warm springtime, Jos wildlife park, three sisters hill, Idanre hills, Azumini blue river rose, Gurara falls, Oguta pond resort, Agbokim falls, Coconut/ alpha / lekki / eleko/ kuramo/ akode beaches amongst others.
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"The Yoruba Travelling Theatre Group" of this 60's and 70's can be known as the "Fountain Head" of film productions in Nigeria. The veterans with great Theatrical skills and performances that are great their works beyond the stage, and dove to the ocean of film productions utilizing the Celluloid structure. Notable film makers regarding the Roll call of Honour during the Celluloid boom era of the 70's include Ola Balogun, Eddie Ugbomah, belated Herbert Ogunde, Adeyemi Afolayan a.k.a Ade appreciate (father of Kunle Afolayan associated with the Irapada popularity), Ladi Ladebo, Moses Adejumo, Adebayo Salami and Afolabi Adesanya.

The list of documented movies produced during the 70's period and transcending somewhat into the 80's is definitely astonishing and goes to show that the Movie business has been around much longer, contrary to the '1992 belief syndrome' many were injected with. Such works include Kongi Harvest (1971), Alpha (1972), Bull Frog within the Sun (1974), Amadi (1975), Ajani Ogun (1975), Muzik guy (1976), Bisi, Daughter for the River (1977), Ija Ominira (1978), Aiye (1979), Kadara (1980), Jaiyesimi (1980) Efunsetan Aniwura (1981), Cry Freedom (1981),Ija Orogun (1982) Owo L'Agba (1982)