Implications Of The Data Safety Act

Implications Of The Data Safety Act

For many corporations at present it is important that they understand the implications of the data leak Protection Act will have on their business. Certainly many businesses must identified exactly what this Act is and the way it pertains to their business and what they need to do to ensure that they remain according to the principles and laws set out in it.

In this article we will take a look at some things which any enterprise must take into consideration so that they adjust to it. Firstly allow us to clarify a little bit bit about what this Act means and the sorts of companies it applies to.

The Data Safety Act was brought into pressure because many companies (massive and small) hold personal data on their shoppers and which should at no stage be provided to others. For these businesses to comply with the Act they should learn about certain legal obligations that they are going to have.

Firstly, they should initially inform the Information Commissioner that that they will be processing info of a personal nature which is barely going to be used by those that work within the confines of the business.

Companies which nonetheless solely use the personal data they have collected for employees administration purposes or to make use of for advertising, marketing or public relations points for their very own enterprise aren't required to inform the commissioner of this.

Secondly, they will need to inform the commissioner if they personal data they include is going to be processed as in accordance with the eight principles covered by the Act.

Thirdly, if they at any stage are requested to offer the information to those people who request it.

The cost of truly notifying the Data Commissioner that you may be holding such personal data in the UK at the moment costs £35.00 per year. However this is a fundamental fee and never VAT (worth added tax) is charged on top. Though there are some private firms in the UK which help you register by way of them however they can charge you effectively in excess of £95.00 for doing this.

This Act was brought in specifically to cover the personal info that many companies retain on computer systems though some handbook records may also be covered by it as well. It's this act which truly restricts what the holders of such personal information are actually able to do with it and with him they really share the info tat they hold.

One of many greatest implications of the Data Safety Act is that any firm who wishes to provide the information they hold on to a third party must third acquire the consent of the particular person whose info it's they hold. Therefore as soon as they start to begin to collect process or pass this very sensitive data they should get the consent of the person in question before they do so. If not then this may find yourself in them being called to account for their actions.